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The Rescue at Mellowbrook
Based on: Battle of Xuchang (Dynasty Warriors 8 - Jin Hypothetical Route)
In search for vengeance, Ronaldo's surprise attack on Mellowbrook has put Kick Buttowski in danger! And it's up to Kana, Giffany, Dipper and Mabel to defend Mellowbrook and save their friend! Fortunately, Kendall Perkins came to help them because she owes Kick a debt.
Kana Fujisaki as Sima Zhao
Giffany-chan as Wang Yuanji
Dipper Pines as Zhuge Dan
Mabel Pines as Jia Chong
Kendall Perkins as Wen Yang
Jackie Wackerman as Xiahou Ba
Lucy Penkinson as Guo Huai
Kick Buttowski as Sima Shi
Pacifica Northwest as Wen Hu
Ronaldo as Wen Qin
(Kick and Gunther was just minding their own business, when suddenly an arrow comes stright towards Kick, where he catches it.)
Kick: Come on. You gotta do better than that to surprise me.
(He then saw three of people who seems to be Ronaldo's henchmen)
Ronaldo's henchmen: That was just a glimpse of what's coming to you, Buttowski!
(He then gives another order for his two part
:icondhilah-dayat:Dhilah-Dayat 3 5
Deviant Fighters Disk Wars - Rhythm Battle
Carlos Velasquez
Omicron (Brutal Fists)
Joaquin Ortiz
Relampago Azul Jr. (God of the Arena)
Rina Yamanaka
Jupiter Girl (God of the Arena)
Adriana Salazar
Xipil (Epic Blades)
Ivan Diaz
Ricardo El Sucio (Cyber Cataclysm)
Kastor Euklideus
Franco Domenico (Epic Blades)
Takeru Hojo
Yeo Hyueng-Sang (Cyber Cataclysm)
Garrett McRae
Cletus Jamison (Lord of the Underground)
John Holt
Barnaby Lamont (Cyber Cataclysm)
Patrick Jones
Tombstone (Brutal Fists)
Don Z
Chiyo Mayumi (Cyber Cataclysm)
Amadeus Swietoslaw
Sanctorum (Brutal Fists)
Hiroto Fujiwara
Kariudo (Cyber Cataclysm)
Silvia Clark (Top Strife)
Doctor Giga
Xordok (Cyber Cataclysm)
Guest Stars:
Jonathan Harrison (Top Strife)
Trissa Turqoise (Brutal Fists)
Mia Allyson (Lord of the Underground)
Jezzi (Cyber Cataclysm)
Mike Runner (Brutal Fists)
Jamal Jaxon (Cyber Cataclysm)
Ryoko Sakamoto (Lord of the Underground)
Magenta (Brutal Fists)
Miguel Deldado (Top Strife)
Ignazio Gulio (Brutal Fists)
Raquel Chen (Lord of the Underground)
:icondhilah-dayat:Dhilah-Dayat 4 1
Agent Yin vs Yang Bot by Dhilah-Dayat Agent Yin vs Yang Bot :icondhilah-dayat:Dhilah-Dayat 4 3 Steve-In-A-Box by Dhilah-Dayat Steve-In-A-Box :icondhilah-dayat:Dhilah-Dayat 1 2 Human Perry by Dhilah-Dayat Human Perry :icondhilah-dayat:Dhilah-Dayat 5 2 The Rubik's Dam by Dhilah-Dayat The Rubik's Dam :icondhilah-dayat:Dhilah-Dayat 2 1


You Are My Means to an End by MewKwota You Are My Means to an End :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 58 52 Kilanghua: Sleep by Stylistic86 Kilanghua: Sleep :iconstylistic86:Stylistic86 5 0
Rumble Crisis: Edward Silverman
Age: 69
Hometown: Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, U.S.A.
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Karate Instructor
Fighting Style: Karate, Chun Kuk Do
Hobbies: Watching Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris movies, spending time with his family and friends, playing golf

Edward is a karate instructor and an former world karate champion who is famous in the United States and around the world. He was influenced by Chuck Norris and is his martial arts called Chun Kuk Do. He went to the Rumble Crisis tournament to find some strong opponents.
Basic combo: Edward does a front snap kick, punching mutiple times and kicks again.
Knock Out Punch: Edward grabs the opponent, putting him down and punches him in the face.
Leg Throw: Edward punches and grabs the opponent with his legs on the ground.
Stay down!: Edward attacks the opponent with his knee and gr
:iconjagoman169:Jagoman169 5 10
Rumble Crisis: Peter Schultz
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Pro Wrestler and Biker
Fighting Style: Pro Wrestling
Hobbies: Riding with his motocycle, giving some good advice, watching TV

Peter Schultz is a heavyweight pro wrestler and a biker from the motorcycle gang called "The Monster Griffins". He's well known in the EEW Wrestling and was popular in the old days.
Double Punch: Peter punches the opponent twice.
Wall-breaking Kick: Peter high kicks the opponent's gut.
Trash-throw: Peter lift and throws his opponent on the ground.
Head-burying: Peter does a german suplex at the opponent.


Deadly Combo!: Peter prepares his stance, before he uses 2 punches, 2 kicks and does a clothesline at him/her.
Bone Breaker: Peter prepares his stance and high kicks the opponent on the
:iconjagoman169:Jagoman169 4 2
Rumble Crisis: Cesare Coppola

Age: 39
Hometown: Florence, Italy
Hair: Black and White
Eyes: Light Brown
Occupation: Crime Boss, Businessman
Fighting Style: (KFM) Keysi Fighting Method and Krav Maga
Hobbies: Doing business, playing cards and chess, fighting people

Cesare Coppola is a notorious crime boss and a businessman who is working at his company in Calabria. One of his servants suggested him to go to the Rumble Crisis tournament. When he became interested in the tournament, he decided to go there. He's know by killing one of his victims and people. He's a dangerous guy you do not want to mess with.
Losing Arm: Cesare takes the opponent's arm and breaks it.
Kick Torment: Cesare kicks the opponent in the groin 6 times and punches him/her in the face.
Chest Breaker: Cesare attacks the opponent on the chest 5 times.
Head Demoler: Cesare attack
:iconjagoman169:Jagoman169 4 8
Rumble Crisis: Block

Age: 27 (aging has stopped)
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Hair: Red
Eyes: Black
Occupation: Rockstar (Formerly)
Fighting Style: Wild Insanity
Hobbies: Playing with his guitar, eating brains and rats, making jokes, looking for the killer 

Block is a popular heavy metal rockstar who hails from Australia and lived in the 1980's. He had all of his fame and fortune. When he finished on his latest concert in Melbourne, he got shot in the head by a mysterious killer and died. On the present day in the cemetery, he was resurrected as a zombie and was revived by the Grim Reaper. He gives him a chance to kill some people. Block became insane and thirsty for vengeance because of what the killer did to him.
Tornado Dash: Block tornado spins at the opponent like Taz from Looney Tunes.
Raving Bites: Block jumps at the opponent and
:iconjagoman169:Jagoman169 3 7
Rebels of Youth: Herman

Roy Herman is a well-respected police inspector who witnessed the murder of Becky Davis, a suspect in the burning of Jiles Gorge's shack. Having spoken out against Jiles's regime from the start, he has been forced into hiding to, along with demi-god Rogahn, assemble a group of teenage freedom fighters to end Jiles's rule.
Gameplay Details
Special Moves
B, F + L- Grapple Pull (flings his grappling hook forward; on hit, foe will be pulled towards him so he can kick them away; meter burn stuns foe for a free hit)D, B + M- Grapple Twirl (swings his grappling hook around; meter burn adds more hits and allows Herman to move forward or back)D, F + M- Jumping Fist (hops upward for an upward left punch; knockdown; meter burn adds a downward double fisted strike for a ground bounce)B, F + H- Skid Kick (turns then slides forward for a straight left kick; knockdown; meter burn adds a hopping right kick that
:iconcomicreadinggamer:ComicReadingGamer 2 8
Rebels of Youth: Debbie

Debbie Wallace is a tomboy who is a part of the Rec League soccer team in her neighborhood. Her determined attitude and ever present smirk are what avail her on the soccer field, and possibly in the fight against Jiles Gorge. She is also Neil's first cousin.
Gameplay Details
Special Moves
D, F + M- Double Hand (performs a leftward hand chop into a rightward left hook; meter burn does this sequence multiple times)air D, F + L- Air Dive (dives downward with a kick; knockdown)D, B + L- Soccer Knee (hops forward with her right knee outward; meter burn adds a second left knee thrust; knockdown)D, F + L- Vault Launch (springs herself upward off the ground with a kick; knockdown; meter burn performs an additional downward kick for a ground boucne)B, F + H- Soccer Slide (slides forward with her left foot outward; knockdown; meter burn knocks foe over her head so she can perform an elbow thrust behind her
:iconcomicreadinggamer:ComicReadingGamer 2 9
Rebels of Youth: Neil

Having been Jeffery's best friend since they were in elementary school, Neil Gavins is as loyal a companion as anyone. Armed with a bow and a quiver of arrows he found lying around during a recon mission, Neil is prepared to dish out a world of hurt on his enemies.
Gameplay Details
Special Moves
D, F + L- Quick Arrow (fires a normal arrow forward; meter burn fires three arrows quickly and in succession; in air ok; input F, D to fire it up-forward; input B, F to fire it straight up so it can come back down and land in front of him)D, F + M- Electric Arrow (fires an electrified arrow forward; stuns foe on hit; in air ok; input F, D to fire it up-forward; input B, F to fire it straight up so it can come back down and land in front of him)D, F + H- Explosive Arrow (fires a flaming arrow forward; knocks foe into the air on hit; meter burn knocks foe towards him; in air ok; input F, D to fire it
:iconcomicreadinggamer:ComicReadingGamer 2 5
Rebels of Youth: Cameron

A self-confessed technology enthusiast, Cameron Parker was originally Jeffery's online video game rival turned close friend. Utilizing an arm cannon he found in a museum during a recon mission after being recruited by Roy Herman, he has the means to combat Jiles's forces without fear.
Gameplay Details
Special Moves
D, F + M- Cannon Shot (fires a shot from his arm cannon forward; depending on how much it's charged via his trait, the shot becomes stronger and knocks foe into the air, with the full charge slowly knocking foe over towards him; in air ok; meter burn fires a second shot up-forward when grounded or down-forward when airborne)B, F + L- Grapple Beam (thrusts out his arm cannon and flings out a mid-ranged beam of energy; on hit, foe is pulled over towards him in a stunned state; meter burn has him slam foe to the ground via the beam for a ground bounce)D, F + H- Bottle Rocket (fires a sma
:iconcomicreadinggamer:ComicReadingGamer 2 4
bang bang! by Koumi-senpai bang bang! :iconkoumi-senpai:Koumi-senpai 768 35
Rebels of Youth: Julia

Julia Ramirez is a lifelong baseball fan, if only for the reason her uncle was a professional baseball player himself and would watch him play whenever his team was on TV. Together with her boyfriend Jeffery and his friends, Julia wishes to break in the baseball bat her uncle gave her for use in fighting Jiles's army.
Gameplay Details
Special Moves
D, F + M- Home Run (swings her baseball bat as if hitting a baseball; knockdown)B, F + L- Hand Switch Spin (steps forward and spins around while spinning her bat, then takes another step forward to switch hands and spin it again, but with the opposite hand; knockdown; meter burn adds more hits, the last one causing wall bounce)D, B + L- Glove Covet (gets out a catcher's glove and holds out her hand to catch incoming projectiles)D, B + M- Bat Top (plants her bat on the ground and spins around with her legs outstretched; meter burn adds a couple more sp
:iconcomicreadinggamer:ComicReadingGamer 2 3
Eternal Slumber by savagejase
Mature content
Eternal Slumber :iconsavagejase:savagejase 171 20
Rebels of Youth: Jeffery

Jeffery Ganger is one of the richest teenagers in all of Brimstone County, yet doesn't fall into the rich braggarts stereotype commonly associated with kids like him. He is the leader of a group of friends rallied by Inspector Roy Herman to end Jiles Gorge's tyrannical rule.
Gameplay Details
Special Moves
B, F + L- Disc Toss (tosses a blank CD disk forward; meter burn tosses two discs at once)D, F + H- Controller Swing (steps forward as he swings a game controller above his head; knockdown; meter burn adds a downward swing that causes ground bounce on hit)B, F + M- Sliding Shoulder (leans back a brief moment before thrusting out his shoulder; knockdown; meter burn causes wall bounce)D, B + M- Top Kick (hops forward with a rightward right spin kick; meter burn has him hop a bit higher, performing a hurricane kick-like attack until landing)air D, B + L- Disc Slash (slashes two CD discs below his b
:iconcomicreadinggamer:ComicReadingGamer 3 5
Death Battle Moveset: Pidge Gunderson

Entrance: The Green Lions flies onscreen and lands before opening its mouth, Pidge dropping out of it while typing on her laptop before putting her computer down and taking out her Bayard.
Exit: Pidge fixes her glasses and poses with her Bayard as the Green Lion appears behind her and roars.
Standard (Light): Kicks
Standard (Medium): Jabs with her Bayard
Standard (Heavy): Slashes with her Bayard
Launcher: Extends her Bayard into a grappling hook and whips upward with it
Aerial (Light): Elbows
Aerial (Medium): Swipes with her Bayard
Aerial (Heavy): Extends her Bayard into a grappling hook and lashes downward with it
Crouching (Light): Kicks
Crouching (Medium): Sweep Kick
Crouching (Heavy): Swipes twice with her Bayard
Grab: Emerald Shock
Pidge grabs the opponent and slashes them three times with her Bayard before jabbing them in the stomach and electrocuting them.
Special Moves:
Bayard Grapple: Pidge fires her Bayard at the opponent like a
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 3 3
Persona 4 Casual: Triple Attack by toyonashelf Persona 4 Casual: Triple Attack :icontoyonashelf:toyonashelf 8 4


Muhammad Fadhilah Ihsan
My Guilty Pleasures:
1. Sofia the First
2. Aikatsu
3. My Little Pony
4. Paw Patrol

My Favorite Shows
1. Death Battle
2. Epic Rap Battles of History
3. Deadliest Warrior
4. Showdown of the Unbeatables (Nat Geo show)

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This is very true. I mean we all want Hillary to be the US President, :iconitwasmedioplz: but it was ME, Donald Trump!

But I hope it changes. Nice guys deserve a break.

Reposted from :iconvanguardoffire: who reposted from :iconclockworkangel19:

To every guy that said, "Sex can wait"...

To every guy that said, "You're beautiful"...

To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her...

To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down...

To every guy who has given her flowers just because that's how he rolls...

To every guy that said he would die for her...

To every guy that really would...

To every guy that did what she wanted to die for...

To every guy that cried in front of her...

To every guy that she cried in front of...

To every guy that holds hands with her.

To every guy that kisses her with meaning..

To every guy that hugs her when she's sad...

To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all...

To every guy who would give their jacket up for her...

To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe...

To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes...

To every guy that would give his seat up...

To every guy that just wants to cuddle...

To every guy that reassured her that she was beautiful no matter what...

To every guy who told his secrets to her...

To every guy that showed how much he cared through every word and every breath...

To every guy that thought maybe this could be the one...

To every guy that believed in her dreams...

To every guy that would have done anything so she could achieve them...

To every guy that never laughed at her when she told him her dreams...

To every guy that walked her to her car and opened the door...

To every guy that gave his heart...

To every guy who prays that she is happy even if he's not with her...

Not many girls appreciate nice guys anymore. And because of this, there are not many left out there. I guarantee 90% of the men on your page will not repost this because they care more about their image.

- If you are a nice guy, repost this in your journal with the title: "Nice guys STILL finish last".

- If you are a girl that thinks every guy should treat a girl this way, repost this in your journal with the title: "To Every Guy"



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